I have been a little MIA lately. I have done minimal posting and visiting but not much commenting. But I have a very good excuse! We just had a benchmark birthday party for my dear mother... and it was a surprise!

What a delightful time we had! Held at an upscale Lancaster restaurant, her party was full of great food, lots of memories and family and friends collected over her lifetime! The party was truly a tribute to her wonderful life! 

Now that all the planning, work  and  big surprise is over I can settle back into my blogging schedule. 

Today's girly girl table was inspired by all the leftover flowers (table arrangements that did not go home with guests) from the birthday party.

I wanted to set a relaxing table after all the excitement of the weekend! Tea on the porch sounded so restful to me!

If truth be told, I am not a fan of store bought roses... I am not in love with their structured stiff look. BUT, when they are almost spent and opened and a little floppy and a little sepia-edged and very fragrant I think they are at their most beautiful and I can't get enough of them!  They become botanical masterpieces!

And roses like these whisper, "Let's have tea!".

The little chippy table is set on the porch. An old well loved patchwork quilt  make an inviting tablecloth for the tea. I think the quilt is very much like the roses... seen better days and is more lovely because of it!

White ruffled dishes are a must for this very feminine table. Delicate Limoges plates with soft pink garden roses  echo the floral theme.

My favorite cabbage porcelain cups and saucers are filled with flowers and sit atop the plates. What a pretty welcome this makes!

Pink vintage napkins are held by an whitewashed iron bird napkin ring. 

The napkin have a pretty scalloped edge and a floral embroidered corner.

My favorite old silverware, a little worn, works wonderfully with this tea table.

The centerpiece sit on top of a cherry tea box that holds 20 different selections of teas. This beautiful tea box is a treasured possession. It once belonged to my sister-in-law who is now in heaven.

My white Mikasa Italian Countryside tea pot becomes a vase for this tea party!  It is full to overflowing with blooms. Many people would discard them at this stage. When I get flowers, I keep rearranging them until every last one is spent.

The teacups are stacked with a few sample teas and hydrangea buds. This is a charming way to display cups and saucers.

Colored sugar and lemons wait for tea. Little creamers sit at each place. 

When I was a young girl I lived in Scotland and went to an all girls private boarding school in Edinburgh ~ St. Margaret's Academy for Girls.

We took tea every afternoon.  I would add milk and sugar to my teacup and then add a well brewed English tea.

A midsummer's tea is the perfect way to enjoy the remains of  the blooms!


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