Unfurl your flag this 4th of July weekend! Attend  a parade or go see fireworks! Have a picnic or get away for a day or two. Enjoy the freedom that is an American birthright, but remember it was bought with a price!

Men and women who have heeded the call of service to keep our country free have sacrificed for something we take for granted!

Thank you to all who have served and are serving our country in the military. Thank you families who have troops away from home today. God bless all of you!

Here at StoneGable we will celebrate with family picnics, a visit to a military cemetery, and (if it is not too hot)  fireworks

A way we will show our love for our country and gratitude for all who serve is by flying Old Glory!

Every time I see a flag I am reminded to say a little prayer and thank God for his blessings and protection of America.  I pray that we could aspire to live the vision of our Founding Father's.

Happy Independence Day!