I must be one of the last bloggers to switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome and all I can say is...


I guess I was afraid that it would not work, or if I did not like it I would not know how to switch back. I always have that heart stopping fear grip me when I do something new that might effect my blog! I am not a techie, however since I've been blogging I am learning.

I was having so much trouble with Blogger over the last couple of months I resorted to calling it names! 

Finally one day, after listening to many bloggers suggest switching to CHROME as their server and reading all I could about it, I threw up my hands and gave in.

Can you see me doing the happy dance of joy? I am sooooo fabulously happy I did!

Why go CHROME?

Here are just a few of my personal reasons:

~ I am a horrid speller... no, the worst.  Now when I misspell a word while writing a post, e-mail, comment etc., it is underlined in red. How many people do you know that use GOOGLE like a dictionary? 

Side Note: Thank you my wonderful blogging friends (you know who you are), who kindly e-mail me gently suggesting the correct spelling for misspelled words. Now you will have to start sweetly correcting me on my deplorable grammar!

~ faster posting... Chrome is a racehorse compared to that ol' mare Internet Explorer! My pictures upload quicker and so do my links. And you all know that I love different colored fonts in my posts. Well, they used to take forever!!! Now it is no problem.

~ cute little folder type tabs appear across the top of my screen that let me easily click to another site. I don't know the technical name for them... they are cute to me!

~ When you click on a cute little folder tab a page opens with thumbnails of your "most visited" and "recently closed" sites. Just click on that thumbnail and the site come up. FABULOUS!

~ ease of finding a web sites, just begin to type the name in the URL bar and several site choices appear in a drop down box. Find the one you want and with a click you are at the correct site!

~ Bookmarking is a breeze! I now have that darling bookmark star in my right toolbar. When I click to open a new tab the bookmark toolbar appears across the top of my page until I choose a web site. HANDY!

There is nothing so far that is a drawback... OKAY.... one thing.

I lost my volume icon in the bottom right of my screen. I need to figure out how to get it back. I am not fond of all the music on other blogs. Sorry, nothing personal... I just usually am listening to the news or the cooking channel. So when someone's beautiful blog music plays I don't have a convenient mute button.

Whether you have a blog or not, give Chrome a try by clicking HERE! I bet you will like it as much as I do!


Thank you!