StoneGable is in full bloom!  The gardens are riotous... producing veggies and herbs and flowers and  fruit. 

It has been a wonderful gardening year so far. Beautiful weather, low humidity and lots of sunshine.

The oppressive heat and high humidity that has much of the country in a vise grip will arrive here later this week. So I thought I 'd better get a few pictures before it is too hot!

Here is a look around StoneGable's vegetable garden and beyond...

Peach trees are home to some baby robins

A face only a mother could love

Shallots, new to the garden this year



Zucchini... lots and lots

Collard Greens




Can you see the vegetable forming under the flower... I just love eggplant flowers!

Tomatoes... several varieties... beefsteak, plum, grape  and pear...

These yellow pear tomatoes say "Panzanella Salad"! Click HERE for the recipe and pictures.


Cucumbers... look for a great easy pickle recipe this week.

Beans, wax and green

Birdhouse gourds harvested last fall and left out to "season". These will be scrubbed, and stained for decorative use this fall.

The herb garden...


Mint... spearmint and peppermint

Parsley... lots of that too. Parsley is a cooking staple.

Nasturtiums, basil, rosemary, marigolds, fall chives, dill, oregano

Lots of zineas everywhere! They are such happy flowers.

Little surprises here and there.

I got a comment from one of my blogging friends, Barb from TWO BIRDIES AND A BEE ~ she asked:

Yvonne, you have to tell us your secret for the lack of weeds anywhere and how do you keep the animals out, like squirrels and raccoons? I'm in the city and I almost need to stand guard all night! Everything is growing beautifully. I love your raised beds. xo,
Keeping weeds out of my garden is a real chore! Because we live with farm fields all around us there are plenty of weeds that blow over  and invade our property.  Three things have really helped to keep weeds at bay , or at least somewhat under control.

1~ raised beds and mulched paths. Although these beds are larger than most typical raised beds they are still easy to weed. Especially when they are slightly overplanted and the vegetables leave little space for weeds to sprout. Next summer we are adding a large path around the whole garden to keep grass from growing tall around our boxes.

2~ Organic Preen for Vegetable gardens. I have done lots of research on this before I began using it in my garden 2 years ago. It is made from corn husks and inhibits weed germination. It helps but does not control the weed population completely.

3~ Good old fashioned weeding. One of the first things I do early each morning is grab a cup of coffee (still in my jammies) and wander around the garden. I have a long handled weeder and a heart shaped hoe out in the garden ready for use.  Picking weeds and pulling off dead leaves, deadheading flowers and puttering while praying and thanking God is a wonderful way to start each day. I also take my harvest basket and gather some veggies ready to use or can! My husband does the same thing (although not in his jammies) after work. Because we do a little bit each day, it stays clear of most weeds, and is a very enjoyable time.

About the bunnies, squirrels and such~ we don't have any! That is... we don't see any. Because of living in open farmland our dear feathered friends like hawks and eagles take care of them.  

We also have foxes. So the little critters that think of the garden as their own personal smorgasbord  aren't around much at all.

Barb, thanks for asking!

If you want me look for me in the garden!

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