I'm taking advantage of a profusion of bright yellow blooms! Daffodils are sunny and happy and work so well with all of the white in my kitchen!!!

They are only here for such a short time... so I have invited them into the kitchen...

The bright morning sunlight was streaming in the windows, making the vignette look soft and dreamy!

There are well over 100 blooms in this white pitcher!

They really are harbinger's of Spring around here.  

A big round baskets works well to put together this vignette.

A couple of nest were tucked in for an organic feel...

This nest was given extra fullness by sitting it in a small grapevine wreath.  I like how it sits up a little higher!!

Another twiggy nest tops off a small pedestal cake plate holding assorted white dishes. It is nestled in a creamy trio of bowls.

A small white pitcher is filled with all kinds of vintage spoons that we used to stir our coffee! It's fun to find pretty things and use them every day!

Here they are part of this vignette. I'm sure Bobby will be missing them... they are usually right by the coffee machine.

A stack of beautifully fluted plates are used as a riser for the little pitcher.  I bought these plates at a local shop awhile back and took every one they had!

The daffodils should last through Easter if I take good care of them.  Maybe a bunny or two will hop onto the vignette on Easter morning!

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