I'm working with store bought flowers today to make pretty spring arrangements for very little money and very little effort!

Arrangements that are out-of-the-box (or vase) amazing!

I spent $10.00 and got one bunch of tulips and one bunch of freezia. I also got daisy-like flowers and goldenrod on sale for 99 cents a bunch... all these flowers for about $12.00.

Let's get started and I'll show you how I made them...

The first arrangements is a mix of white tulips and freesia...

I like to keep flowers all in the same color family. I think it has a bigger visual punch! 

I added sticks from my yard that I spray painted white for height. I am the queen of "sticks and twigs"!

To make a vignette I added a handcrafted nest to the base of the cylinder vase!

For a nest making tutorial, click HERE

The second arrangement is just the sweetest!

I get my eggs from a friend (thanks Cathy), so I have access to some amazing colored eggs.

I just cracked the eggs near the top, rinsed them out and filled them with these pretty delicate flowers!

A grouping would look adorable on an Easter table!  Or on a dresser in a guest room.

I think they would also look so sweet lined up along a kitchen windowsill, a shelf or grouped on a little bench!

The last arrangement used the flower leftovers!

I pulled a couple of white plates from the cupboard and a cup and two saucers for this easy arrangement.

I hope you will join us... and CELEBRATE the coming of Spring!!!

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