A couple of weeks ago I went to an upscale greenhouse with a friend, looking for branches to "force".

I found stunning branches..like coral quince and pacific cherry blossom... but they were very pricey.

I was not willing to pay for something that would be here today and in a month be thrown out... so I came up with PLAN B...

I searched for good faux spring branches.

I could spend about the same money as the fancy real branches, but have the faux ones for many years! Now this was an investment I was happy to make!

I found these branches at Pottery Barn.

If you haven't shopped for faux florals in awhile you might want to give them a second look... some are quite authentic!

Please excuse the blue painter's tape, Bobby is in the "final touch up phase" of painting. The tape will be gone by the weekend! FINALLY!

To make the overall appearance look more natural and organic, I put the branches in a big glass cylinder and added moss around the branch ends to hide them.  

To complete the vignette my hand crafted bird nest sits at the base of the cylinder. It rests on a long curvy branch found in my backyard.  To see an easy tutorial for making a bird's nest, click HERE.  I promise... this is soooo easy!

This is my newly painted buffet's first vignette!  I think the color lends itself to spring!

Even though snow is in the forecast for tomorrow night into Wednesday... spring is beginning to bloom inside StoneGable!

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