This is NOT a "final reveal", but a big work in progress...

and a story...

There was once a professor at a major university who taught a Behavior Science class.  The class was held in a large auditorium holding about 500 students.

The room was filled with ready-to-learn students and the professor was keeping them engaged by his very interesting lesson.

About 20 minutes into his class the professor stopped...

"Oh, I forgot to mention... PLEASE don't look at that giant picture of the blue dog on the wall... PLEASE! Refrain from looking at the giant picture of the blue dog on the wall!"

Of course all the student's attention was then focused on the giant picture of the big blue dog on the wall behind and to the left of the professor 

"If however, you should look at the giant picture of the blue dog on the wall even after I have instructed you not to, PLEASE use your answer buzzers and push it each time you do".

Let's just say there was a buzzer frenzy! Once pointed out, it became almost impossible for the students not to look at the giant picture of the blue dog on the wall!

What I want to tell you today (but will not because I know then you will) is to not look at the very dated marbled wall paper on the foyer walls... or the arrangement on the top of the buffet.... or the sanding dust lying on the hardwood floors... or the stack of mirrors and pictures that are reflected in the mirror.

I want to tell you that the foyer is the last to be painted a beautiful soft putty white because we have to scrape off wallpaper... and I was up this morning at 4:00 with the dog and while I was waiting for him to come back inside I was finding things to plop on the buffet just to pass the time... and my back is acting up, so wiping up paint dust is far down on my list... and that the foyer has become sorta a dumping ground for all the wall hangings we really don't know what to do with as we finish the living room and dinning room we have been working on first because we didn't have to scrape wallpaper off of those walls!

 I'm afraid that if I tell you then you will look at it... and miss the buffet... and the pretty new mirror... and the new lamp that is both silver and gold... and the very cool burlap lamp shade!

This buffet used to live in my dining room.  It was a piece we bought from Ethan Allen 26 years ago. Solid as a rock... and still in great condition.

I have learned that there are just some pieces that I can not afford to replace. They were such an investment years ago and I could not replace them  with a piece that equaled their quality.

So I am am painting them.

 I decided to paint the buffet white... and once everything is in and decorated we will see how it looks!

It took a lot to cover the dark wood! So if I want to change the color I have a great base to work from!

I painted the buffet with ASCP Pure white to mirror the wainscoting in the dining room.

The buffet was gently sanded and softly stained... for now.

The original hardware is solid brass, but I chose to replace it with updated silver knobs and handles.

I chose to sit this little sturdy buffet in my foyer tucked under the stairs for a very useful reason!

I'll share that with you on Saturday when I give you a peek at Abby's bridal shower!

This watery blue mirror (Ballard) was something that I could not get out of my mind when I first saw it... and when the buffet was finished, I knew why! It belonged in the foyer too!

There is a whole lot to do and change and fluff before my foyer is complete... but for now I hope you liked the little peek!

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