I have such a crush on pillows! And an even bigger obsession with making them myself. Give me a remnant and a little funky trim and I'll use it to make a pillow!

Even though my living room has two pieces of furniture in it right now, (until the bulk of it is delivered in mid April) I still wanted my sofa to be welcoming and pretty...

I was at the Calico Corner's Outlet recently (hi, girls!) and picked up a few on-sale remnants for pillow making.

I could not pass up this great cotton buffalo check... and look at the ca-ra-zy trim I found for it!!!

So fun and sassy! I'll be able to use this for any season.

This sweet Le Lapin pillow has been on my must-try list for awhile now!  I first saw it at CONFESSION OF A PLATE ADDICT. Debbie did a masterful tutorial complete with a printable transfer!

She was so nice to share with all of us!

I like her knock-off so much better than the original Ballard Design pillow!

I tweaked her directions just a little to make it my own.  I changed the stripe design just a tad.

I also made an envelope back closer because I wash my pillow cases and reuse my feather pillow inserts.

For a great an easy to follow tutorial for Le Lapin, click HERE.