I know it must seem like FOREVER since I began the living room makeover... but working slowly really pays off...

Each piece is like a puzzle... flooring, paint, furniture, case goods, rug, paintings, accessories and a few more pieces that I have yet to make and find. Each piece needs to fit... as perfectly as I can fit it!

A big piece of the decor puzzle finally was put into place today! 

The Curlacue Chest came to live at StoneGable. 

I found the Curlacue Chest at a local interior design shop and instantly knew that it belonged at StoneGable... but there was a big problem... it was way over my budget! That seems to happen to me often!

A friend just happened to be visiting me and told me that she had seen it on Joss & Main!

She was right... and it was almost $700.00 off the original price.  Still a little over budget, but close enough! I just couldn't resist!

Unfortunately, I missed the sale by 4 minutes! But the nice folks at Joss & Main sent me to Wayfair and those nice people honored the Joss & Main price!

Thanks, Wayfair! YOU ROCK!

This chest's unusual finish and curvy design really won me over!!!!

A fabric or grass cloth was pasted to the chest and then painted and antiques. Each piece is slightly different and must be hand painted.

Mine has a slight mushroom hue and was distressed more heavily.

The curlacues are raised.  They remind me of ball fringe.

The painting over the chest is done by one of my favorite Washington DC artist..DAVID KESSLER.  The subject is a row of Paris homes. I adore primative art and his art has a whimsical and modern twist.

There is something about the color and the geometric lines that I find so interesting!

I brought a lamp in from the family room.  It is so heavy. The glass is lead crystal and the base is some sort of bronze.  I got it years ago from Restoration Hardware. It really was far to formal for the family room... now it has found a home too!

I picked Annabelle hydrangeas from around the porch to add something organic to the the vignette.

Now, what to put in the chest... it's not just a pretty face!

Next on the list... curtains! I keep putting them off!

There are curlacues on them too!!!

I know the clock doesn't work... I'll either paint it or put it upstairs. I'm leaning towards painting it!

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