I picked a bouquet from my garden... for you!!!!

My flowers are a little late this year because of a colder spring... so I was thrilled to pick the first bouquet of the season and have it grace my kitchen table...

Simplicity is best when it comes to flowers!  I forget how much I love pink... it makes the whole kitchen brighter!

The white ironstone pitcher with lots of crazing and chips sits in a simple wire basket.  The morning light backlights the arrangement.

The peony is from one of my original bushes... this year I planted two more. Too bad they are sooooo short lived!!! They are my favorite flowers. 

My knock out rose bush is abundant right now. They love cooler weather!

I just got this vintage-look runner from my AT HOME site during a flash sale!  It's perfect for my round table... and anchors my little arrangement!  It was very inexpensive... and is so well made!

Pink flowers make me swoon!!!!

What are your favorite early summer flowers?

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