One of my favorite things about summer is HERBS!

They are culinary super stars and so easy to grow!

I don't leave them in the garden until I am ready to cook with them... I bring them in and make a kitchen herb bouquet...

Herbs make the prettiest and best smelling arrangements!

I grow quite a lot of herbs in two gardens. If left to their own natural ways many will flower, bolt or get very leggy... the sign that they were needing a little TLC.

Giving them all a generous clip will keep them growing and healthy... and gives me a fabulous herby bouquet!

Also, I'm more apt to use herbs if they are right at my fingertips!

I keep herbs in this pretty Alabaster crock. It's part of a vignette... along with assorted spoons in a small pitcher and an old champagne bucket filled with wooden spoons... one of my big obsessions!


 I like to add herbs to the water I drink, trying different combinations.

Peppermint or Applemint is still my favorite! YUMMY!

Herbs are growing like weeds in my kitchen garden... Here are some I picked this morning...

Here are a few tips to keep a cut herb bouquet fresh...

* cut herbs in the morning

* cut herbs with a good sharp knife

*don't wash herbs until you are ready to use them

*recut herb stems and refresh the water daily

* use herbs liberally

Herbs are extremely easy to grow and care for...  enjoy them indoors as well as out!

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