We are now in the MIDDLE of the dining room makeover. After many detours...Christmas... a wedding... a wedding reception... decorating the living room... etc...

I am now back at it.

This is my latest addition ...

A stylish tufted bench.

An upholstered bench at the dining room table is a wonderfully fresh look! And because no chair backs distract the view, it shows off the table better.

I had been looking around for quite awhile for a bench that was reasonably priced, long and high enough to fit my table, and with casters.

I found it on the World Market website.

I want to chance the finish on the wood... just a tad! It really is quite interesting. Sorta like repurposed wood. But I'm going to give it a quick color wash to tone down the dark bluish hues. 

The seat is very nicely tufted and the cushion substantial. It's a well made piece for the price. However, the color of the fabric does now work with my room at all. I knew it wouldn't before I bought it. It's a sort of grey with an aubergine tone (although it looks brown in my photo). 

 It will be reupholstered to match the other side chairs in the room.

Will I upholster it? Are you kidding? I have 3 more chairs to do~ one of the chairs at the table still needs to be covered! If you have not read my adventures in reupholstering... see reupholstering a chair, the saga Part I and the sequil...reupholstering a chair, the saga Part II.

I'll have this piece professionally done... thankfully!

This week I am working on the last 3 chairs... hopefully by next year they will be done...