It's not always a good thing to live so close to a POTTERY BARN OUTLET! My car, if left to it's own devices, could probably find it's way there all by itself! When I go into PBO I feel a little like Norm from the old sitcom "CHEERS". "Everyone knows my name" and there's hugs all 'round!

These chunky white pottery jars are just one example of the great summer finds that end up at StoneGable...

Originally, they were meant to go on my family room mantle, but that was not to be. They look so comfortable in the living room and add a nice texture and pattern to the room.

Nothing dainty about these beauties! They are heafty and thick and remind me of Mexican or Moroccan  Pottery... only white.

They look stunning with candlelight coming through the cutwork.  Wouldn't they also look nice with Annabelle Hygrangeas spilling out of them?

They are partnered on my new coffee table with a little greenhouse from HOMEGOODS.

I've had several e-mails asking about them... as far as I know... the Lancaster Pa PBO still carries them.

This weekend I'll be working on the curtains for the dining room and living room. What a big project!!!!