Mums are part of the fall decor, here at StoneGable. They live a long time with little care and are very inexpensive.

And when they are taken out of their plastic post and combined with other plants or organic elements they are magically transformed! This is certainly a study in synergy!

I'm bringing out the champagne bucket, and polishing it up to give these white button mums an upscale look...

I added asparagus fern to buddy up with the mums. The frilly fern spilling out of the champagne bucket plays very nicely with the upright busy mums!

To make a vignette I added a baby boo pumpkin in a cloche! 

I'm just bringing touches of fall to my decor... not too overdone! In years past every surface was overloaded with fall or the upcoming holiday.

I think a just a little of the season works better in my house now!

Think outside the black plastic containers... and let you mums shine this fall!

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