It took less than 15 minutes to make 4 pieces of wall art to snuggle up to the mirror over the bar!

I've been laboring for over a year, not quite finding the perfect pieces of art to go on either side of the mirror.

So on a whim, I made my own...

can you see me in my pj's taking the picture?

Four simple images of vintage silverware printed on my computer and put into a matted frame made a subtle but much needed difference.

I have such a tortured relationship with art. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it in museums and galleries and books and other people's homes... but it's very hard to make a long term commitment to it in MY home. I tend to get tired of art and want something fresh and new!

Art is often such an investment and that means I'll have to live with it... forever! YIKES!

Yes, it's true...I have commitment issues when it comes to art!

I can change this wall art and use different images... and that is very very attractive to me!

I'm already thinking vintage Christmas pictures!

Here's an insanely easy tutorial ....

To make the vintage wall art I used a french poem and vintage silverware images from THE GRAPHIC FAIRY .

Using a digital imaging program I made the sepia poem into a black and white copy and used my transparency tool to make it quite faint.

Then I layered the poem over the vintage silverware images.

I printed a 5 x 7 copy of each graphic.

I bought four 8 x 10 black frames with white mats from the Pottery Barn Outlet, put the images in the frames and hung them next to the mirror.

Too Easy!

 Here are the finished images if you would like to use them too!

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