For the last four weeks I have been sharing the Universal Truths Of Sowing And Reaping.
How GOD literally shows us examples on earth... practical everyday examples... of great spiritual truth. Jesus was the master at this when He walked the earth. He called these earthly stories with heavenly messages parables.

Today I want to share a parable with you too.

This story is called


My story takes place in Africa. And it really isn't MY story but one told by Beth Moore, a gifted bible teacher and speaker. I heard this story years ago and it had such an effect on me that I have never forgotten it and the meaning behind it!

The story goes...

Beth and a group of missionaries flew to a poverty stricken village in Africa with a shipment of seed. I can't remember now what kind of seed they were delivering, but I do know it was to be planted to give the village a harvest... and a harvest that could sustain them.

When the team landed they were enthusiastically greeted by the whole village. Beth toured the village lead by most of the villagers.  When she arrived back in the area the plane had landed she was surprised by what she saw.

Huge sacks of seed had been dragged from the plane and stacked up in a pile. That was not so unusual. What really surprised Beth was that the sacks of seed were being guarded.

"Why are people guarding seed?", she questioned.  A missionary told Beth that if they did not guard the seed the hungry villagers would eat all the seed and have nothing left to plant.

Then in flamboyant, passionate Beth style she took that story and turned it on it's spiritual ear!

You see... we can get full of hearing great sermons and listening to Christian radio and hearing wonderful Christian speakers and reading Christian books and even reading Christian content in blogs... and we can become so so full of good seed... Godly thought and ideas. There's nothing wrong with that.


We also can become spiritually fat and lazy when we just take in and take in and take in... eat all the seed... and not give out.

God wants us to be full of good seed, but He also wants us not to take it all in and have nothing to plant it in the lives of others.

The messages of Truth that God sends our way is for us to grow and become more like Jesus. BUT, it is also for us to share. To plant in the lives of those around us so they can be fed on Truth too.

God expects a harvest! And we are His workman. If we get spiritual fat and lazy how good of a worker can we be?

Unlike those dear hungry souls in the African village, God has a constant source of holy seed for us. He lavishes us with good that will continually satisfy us and produce a huge harvest!

For we are God's (own) workmanship (handiwork). Recreated in Christ Jesus (born anew) that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us (taking paths which he prepared ahead of time), that we should walk in them (living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live).
Ephesians 2:10

So today, as God lavishes your life with good and has good work that will produce a harvest...


Broadcast it into the world.

God has predestined you to be a sower of his WORD... a missionary to your family, friends, neighbors and community... and even the world. Plant God's message of love, forgiveness and salvation into the ready lives of others that God has already prepared for you!

Be patient... water the seed you plant with prayer... and be ready for a harvest!