It's time to start thinking about decorating for fall... and MUMS are an inexpensive splash of fall color that adds a touch of the Autumnal season to any home!

But sometimes Mums can be a little under dressed.. and well... a tad boring!

Here's a way to hide a mum's ugly plastic pot and unleash their fall beauty...

This year I wanted to make an arrangement that looks like a walk in the woods. Sorta wild and twiggy and a little unkempt.

Start with a great container that can hold one or even two mums.

I'm using a ribbed galvanized tub (Crate And Barrel) to hold my mum. I love its shape and size.

One of the best tricks I have in my decor bag is twiggy wreaths. I rested a grapevine wreath on top of the container and slipped the mums inside it.

 This not only hides the ugly black plastic pot but brings a whole lot of organic interest to a mum arrangement. Sorta like a twiggy collar.

Next, I added other fall element to the arrangement. 

I have a stash of faux-fall-fill-ins that I use year after year!

Use things like  leaves... and berries... and acorns... and feathers to make an arrangement have a fall feel! 

Because there was "dead space" on either side of my mum I used bittersweet branches and oak leaves to fill it in. 

Spanish moss and green moss are other great fillers. 

I have a thing for sticks and twigs!

Adding tall sticks and twigs give humble mums more importance... and continues to build on the organic walk-in-the-woods theme. This is another one of my favorite tricks.

Mum are not divas. Unlike like orchids or daffodils, they are not as showy if they stand alone.  The like to be part of an ensemble... with many element working together to create an interesting arrangement! 

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