The dining room at StoneGable has been one big DIY project! From the hardwood floors to the homemade curtains to the  painted chairs and buffet!

Our newest DIY addition are the white, chippy shutters we sized to fit on either side of the mirror...

I found these wonderful grungy, chippy white shutters at my favorite local antique store ... The Barn.

 I went shutter shopping on a recent snowy day... trudging through a foot of snow to find the perfect ones. Dozens of shutters were stacked and lined up on the side of the barn, all snow covered and very wet.

And there THEY were! In all their wet, dirty, chippy glory!

Soon they were put into the back of my car and we were headed home to StoneGable!

When the got home we let them dry and gave them a good vacuuming. 

They were ready to hang...

However, there was one little glitch... they were very very long. Much too long to go on either side of the mirror in the dining room!

Bobby and I (and when I say "Bobby and I" I mean Bobby) took the shutters apart and sized them to work in the dining room. I helped with encouragement and picture taking!

Stop back tomorrow to see a Tutorial on HOW TO SIZE SHUTTERS. It's really pretty easy!

We were going to hang the shutters, but the wainscoting had the perfect ledge to lean the shutters on. 

I am a huge fan of the rustic luxe contrast. 

The gilded mirror and the chippy shutter are a good example of that style!

The shutters look right at home...

My dining room is almost finished. In the next couple of week's I'll be adding the finishing touches!

And I'll share them with you.

For a detailed tutorial for resizing shutter for your home decor, click HERE

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