You know you have one! We all have a junk drawer in our kitchen. It's the one that you can find a finishing nail or dog toy or baggies or a burnt bread crust or a missing sippy cup lid an extra pair of pantyhose in!

Yes, that drawer! Let's clean it up and organize it today!

Here's what the junkiest drawer in my kitchen looked like BEFORE...

This poor unorganized drawer is supposed to hold my kitchen wraps and baggies, twine, rubber bands and little things I use around the kitchen.  Wow! What a big mess!

Now here's the AFTER...

I found  a formula that works to help me organizing almost anything... want to know what it is?

It's so so easy...

Get one big trash bag and two boxes.

The trash bag is "THROW AWAY"...

One box is "PUT AWAY" ...

And the other box is "GIVE A WAY".

Put anything you want to stay in the drawer on the counter top.

Now start sorting!


This is your Mantra! BE RUTHLESS! Say it over and over and over again. Dare yourself to get rid of one thing that you just don't want to part with. It's like ripping a bandaid off I know... but it will get easier!

Only keep what you use, not what you think someday you might-by-some-tiny-chance-use... maybe. And you should not keep most useless sentimental items... not even if Aunt Bert gave it to you on her death bed... sorry Aunt Bert!

The only good reason to keep somethings is... THIS BELONGS IN THIS DRAWER AND IS USEFUL.

Once the drawer is completely empty give it a good scrub! Inside, outside, front and back! Clean it free of crumbs and schmutz!

Add a drawer liner. In my case I already had a drawer liner in it, so I gave that a good scrub too!

When the drawer is completely dry cut the drawer liner to fit in the drawer.

Now, look at all the items on the counter top. Can you edit them again? Do it!

Here's what you will put back in the drawer...


The most important things in the drawer I am cleaning out today are my wraps and baggies.

Because the open flaps of some of my boxes get stuck in the drawer making it hard to open, I ripped off the top of some...

After putting the wraps and baggies in the drawer, I added a clear plastic organizer. It holds pens, kitchen twine, and small jars I labeled to hold little things that get out of hand, like rubber bands and matches.

Before I put the kitchen twine in the drawer, I put it in a little plastic container and cut a hole in the top of it for the string to come out. Easy! And it keeps the kitchen twine from wandering all over my drawer!

Now it's time for to put away all the items in my PUT AWAY box. And add the GIVE AWAY items to the GIVE AWAY box in my car!

As I pick through these, I make sure none of the items really belong in my trash bag! Then I throw away all the JUNK AND CLUTTER in the trash bag.

If I don't have time to PUT AWAY... I schedule it. The worst thing that can happen is to have tons of stuff in boxes to put away. It can pile up fast! I speak for experience! 

This may not be the prettiest post in blogland, but it will sure make you feel accomplished and free!

What are you waiting for, let's dig into one of those drawers!  

Let's conquer clutter... one drawer and cupboard at a time!

Next on my list... the towel drawer!

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