Each season I like to change up the little cupboard in the dining room.

I was going to add spring things... but instead I just kept adding more and more white dishes. I love white dishes. They are like little pieces of art to me.

So, I'm holding off on the Spring nest and eggs and fluff and flowers for a couple of weeks to enjoy an all white cupboard with a few new Spring inspired soup tureens and bowls and such...

Most of my dishes and other tableware in the cupboard are not old. I've picked up many pieces at my favorite dish haunt HomeGoods.

This funny little built in cupboard tucked in the corner of my dining room has the most unusual arched shelves.  

I have only a small amount of shelf space to use as a display because of the curve. 

I must be very selective when picking things to go on each shelf!

I love love love to stack dishes... each soup tureen is placed on a small stack of assorted dishes with pretty edges.

(I must remember to paint the back of the bottom shelf!)

I got this rabbit baker (Wm-Sonoma)  last year. I think he is such a handsome fellow!

I recently found this fabulous cabbage soup tureen at HomeGoods. I scooped it up right away... and a few other pieces that matched!

One question StoneGable readers often ask me is if it is okay to display dishes that are different "whites".

I say celebrate it! Not all white dishes are the same color.

Notice the creamer and sugar bowl are a much creamier white than the leaf and berry plate behind it. And the plate to the left is a different white too!

I think the contrast is really beautiful!

I have a few surprises to show you in the dining room... here is a little peek at one Bobby and I have worked on...

Stop back on Wednesday to see the reveal!

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