I'm not chasing away the winter blues... I'm adding them to my family room decor!

Recently, I picked up these blue and green embroidered pillow covers at the local Pottery Barn Outlet and added them to my slipcovered sofa...

They worked well with the seagrass pillows (PBO) that have become a fixture at the ends of the sofa and a pillow sham that I found in the clearance bin at PBO. Even though it is meant for a bedroom the sham works in the family room.

This is probably the most classic pillow arrangement for a sofa. And no wonder, it is balanced and so easy to replicate!

Five pillows. Two large square pillows at each end that match (mine are Euro Sham size), two medium sized pillows next to them, often matching as well (mine are 24 inches) and one long pillow in the center.

I've really been loving blue lately. Indigo's and navy's and royal's. So when I found these beautiful embroidered pillows they just had to come home with me!

They will work well right through spring!

And speaking of spring, a friend dropped by yesterday and brought this beautiful bouquet of tulips... my favorite harbinger's of warmer weather!

They sit in a large wooden tray from PBO along with some decorating books and a piece of blue pottery also from PBO. (Our Pottery Barn Outlet is only 5 miles away! I'm a "regular" there!)

A large lantern balances out the decor on the coffee table.

I got the lantern on a super sale from... you guessed it PBO. The outlet price was $129.00 and I found 2 on sale for $19.97 each!  They were silver and I spray painted them oil rubbed bronze!

They are tall and handsome and sturdy. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good bargain!!!

In just one month the carpet is going and we are laying hardwood floors! I found a beautiful rug for the family room... I can't wait to share it with you.

I am also looking for a big basket to replace the coffee table that will go into the sitting room off our master bedroom.  I've not found a basket I love yet.

As the family room evolves, I'm sure blue will play a big role in the decor! I think blue works wonderfully with neutrals!

StoneGable has an All-American modern farmhouse feel. Mixing modern pieces with great vintage finds. 

Neutrals with a mix of blue is certainly classic! 

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