My family room is the hub of activity when our family is all together. It is not a fancy room or even a very well decorated room to tell the truth... and it's not very big either!

But it is a loved room that we used HARD!

Just today, as I am trying to take photos of the bookshelves (in the best light since this is the darkest part of the house) I had to maneuver around my girls stretching and doing yoga to warm up for an exercise class... my one son watching tennis... and Bobby sprawled out on the sofa drinking coffee...  all before 8:00 am!

I was able to get a few shots of one corner of the room...

Decorating the thin bookshelves that flank the fireplace has always been a challenge. They are small and dark and can be seen from the kitchen and breakfast room... so I like them tidy and not cluttered.

I'm actually thinking of knocking out the wall and the bookshelves to put windows on either side of the fireplace.  But that would be a few years from now.

I'm not a "fill the bookshelf up with books" kind of girl. That would drive me crazy after awhile... too much visual frenzy going on for me. 

However, I LOVE books!  

I solved my love of books versus the visual overload they cause by stashing them in baskets.  I think the baskets keep things neat AND bring texture to a neutral room.

I am in the process of adding more blue to my family room. I lived with a VERY neutral palette and found out that I like color with my neutrals!!!

Adding blue to the bookshelves is a great way to introduce color.

Aren't these Bocce balls fun? We love Bocce and these balls are from our very first set.  You can see we played the paint right off of them!

Lighting is very important in this corner. Bobby works on his laptop from the leather club chair in front of the bookshelf. The blue and white lamp was pulled from another room... don't you love to shop your own home?

Behind the lamp is our Bose system. We are music lovers!

The bookshelves are a continual work in progress. I love finding one piece at a time and playing with the decor.

The next item I'm on the lookout for is a nice lidded basket to replace the cigar humidor.  I'll keep you updated!


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