Here we are... seven slow months into my dining room makeover! Today I'm sharing the most recent addition... the upholstered bench...

A little while ago I showed you an upholstered bench I bought at World Market.

Great bench... very sturdy... and it even had wheels!!!

But the color was all wrong for my dining room.  

Nothing that some pretty fabric and paint couldn't solve!!!

One of the nicest perks about living in Lancaster County is the wealth of great and inexpensive artisans!

In less than a week (and under $150.00) my new bench was ready for my dining room...

I am so lucky to have an excellent upholsterer just across a few farm fields and an orchard!  Mr. Shenk worked his magic... even tufting my bench with 20 perfectly covered buttons!

I am now thinking that I need to replace the dining room carpet with a solid neutral...   I'll live with it for a little bit to make sure.

Next are the drapes. I keep putting them off!!!! It's time to just do it!!!

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