PILLOWS!  I have pillow love!!!

The symptoms of pillow love are easy to spot! I think I have an advanced case!

 I have a "pillow closet".... pillows need to be removed from every chair or sofa if you want to sit down in my house... I can hear the pillows calling to me as soon as I step foot into a HomeGoods or Pottery Barn...every piece of material, dish towel or napkin is eyed up and considered the makings of a new pillow...I have "show" pillows and "usable" pillows... and fluffing all the pillows around StoneGable an aerobic exercise!!

Yes... I have pillow love... big time!

Here's some summer pillow love...

While scavenging through the clearance bins at my local Pottery Barn Outlet I found a set of blue and white bed pillow shams that were just the right color and pattern for my sofa... and they were cheap!!!!

I thought I could put an 18 inch pillow insert in them, fold over the top and close it with a big button.
Cute idea... huh?

On a whim I stuffed a Euro insert into them instead... and really liked their rotund squat shape.

The blue plays nicely with other touches of the same color in my family room.

They create a fun pillow profile! And my family is thrilled that they are considered "usable" pillows.

Added to my flag pillow (PBO), these new blue and whites bring a star-spangled pop of color to my family room.

Later this month I'm having my sofa slipcovered in a white duck twill... and doing some magic with my paintbrushes to my curtains!

Maybe I'll even make a new pillow or two... or three...

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