We are starting to harvest Early Girl tomatoes in our garden.  YIPPEE!!!!! I wait all year for summer tomatoes! There is nothing quite like them...  juicy and delicious and kissed-by-the-sun-good!

I get great satisfaction from a bowl of just picked tomatoes on my kitchen counter. It makes me feel like I am doing something so good for my family! If we were neighbors I'd bring some to your back door... with a couple of zucchini and a cucumber or two thrown in too!

This week I'm busy painting an O-L-D cabinet Napoleonic Blue and I'm finally starting to sew curtains for the living room and dining room... and other indoor activities. The oppressive heat and humidity have come to our neck of the woods and it is just too hot to go outdoors for any length of time... except to pick tomatoes and all the other veggies that are ready to harvest in my garden!

Now here's what's ON THE MENU...


Grilled Planked Salmon
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