When the temperature rises above 90 and the humidity is making the air thick with moisture, I'm in no mood to eat a big heavy meal!!!

That's when I turn to the garden and farmer's markets for delicious summer produce!!! A big yummy dinner salad is perfect in sweltering weather!

I'm making it extra tasty by putting it in a jar. We all know that any culinary creations taste better in a jar...

Choose colorful salad fixins' and layer them for a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!


Here are some ideas that I found helpful...

~ use a big funnel to add the ingredients in the bottom of the jar

~ cut all the food, even the lettuce, in similar size bites

~make it colorful... more fun!

~use oversized jars to maker it easier to dig in!

~ carry an extra helping of salad dressing to pour over the top of the salad

~ if you are taking the salad on a road trip or picnic... all the ingredients can be chopped up ahead and then layered right before you are ready to leave

~ refrigerate or put on ice until ready to use.

 Other ideas for Summer Salads In A Jar...

~Cobb Salad
 ~ Southwest Salad
~ Ceasar Salad
~ Greek Salad

You are only limited by your imagination!

Now, I'm hungry!!!


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