I finally put a map over your bed.

 I know it isn't technically YOUR room anymore. Your room is a few hours away... in YOUR own home with YOUR own husband.

I just want the map to remind you that this will always be your home too... you and your husband's...

You have such a wonderful life... several hours away. You have very bright, kind and dear friends, rich and fulfilling work, a church family that you loves you almost as much as we do, and you have each other... and that is THE BEST part!

It's been such a joy to watch you and Jonathan build a life together... and continue your magnificent love story! 

Do you remember all the girl talks we would have together under the covers in this room... how you would share so openly about what you would like your life to be someday? I could have listened for hours and hours to your dreams!

They still play in my head... I can hear your "little birdie voice" haunting this bedroom!

And when you finally met THE ONE... I knew! I knew that your sweet heart, which you had so wisely guarded and protected for so long, would belong to him... forever. And I prayed that he would be worthy of you.

 And WE prayed together in this room... and God answered our prayers!

Those were the days of pink hydrangeas and gingham and every corner of your room filled with girly frills... and cheerleading uniforms and ballet slippers and crowns and chemistry books!  

But when you became a Mrs you grew up and so did your room. It grew to accommodate your new Mr.

And our family grew to accommodate him too... and also grew to love him.

So... I made this map to remind you where you... and Jonathan... are from and to remind you that there is so much love here for both of you...

To say... even though you live in your own home and have your own room several hours away... this will always be your room and your home, too! 

 But you already knew that!

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