This started out as a very sad saga... I bought a beautifully made sofa about three years ago. Chose the custom fabric carefully...and was thrilled when I first got it. But, over those three years I changed the decor and colors of the family room so much that I grew more and more unhappy with the piece!

The sofa itself is comfortable and large enough to stretch out on but it's color and pattern were NOT playing nicely with with rest of the room.

So I kept the sofa and changed it's look... with slipcovers! And what a change it was...

Here is the before...

And here is the... Ta-da... After!

I found this AMAZING slipcover lady in my area... she is almost famous for her fabulous work!

Diana came to my house... and taking the 18 yards of Calico Corner Ranger Twill that I washed and dried and ironed for 3 hours...  pinned and cut until she had slipcovered my sofa! 

Albeit, the slipcover was held together by pins... it was still pretty amazing. I had never seen anyone pin together a slipcover before!

 I have to learn this skill. 

She took her white-twill-pinned-masterpiece home and in a week and a half had it back on my sofa... without pins!!!!

A perfect fit!

So snug...

NO ONE is allowed to sit on it!!!! EVER!!!!

No, just kidding!

The nice thing about having slipcovers is that they can be washed. But I am taking the extra precaution of Scotch Guarding them. So, no sitting until I get that done later today.

I have some big plans for finishing this room!!!

It includes words like hardwood floors... and new windows... and wall art... and more slipcovers... and more painted furniture...

You can read about my painted curtains HERE and see a Tutorial about how I painted them HERE.

Next week I'll show you the corner of the family room you can't see in this picture!!!! I've been painting!!!

Here's just a little peek at what I'm working on...

Stop back next week for the reveal!

This is the one room in my house that just keeps evolving and changing!


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