Napkins are not only a useful but very important part of setting a table. They tidy us up as we eat but they can also bring interest and fun and beauty to any table we set!

Why settle for paper napkins when there are so many gorgeous and inexpensive napkin alternatives!

Today, as part of our HOW TO SET A BEAUTIFUL TABLE series, we will look at 5 interesting ways napkins can not only be useful but beautiful as well...


This is probably the way I use napkins the very most. The are so fluffy and pretty and real attention getters! Who knew that putting two napkins together could make such a difference... well, it does!

In this daisy inspired table a crisp white napkin was doubled with a cherry yellow napkin I made just for this table.   

This nautical table with it's clean lines benefits from a bit of fluff the double napkins bring!

A simple swath of burlap covers a white cotton napkin, adding an organic feel to this sweet early spring tablescape.


The internet is full of fun ways to fold napkins. With just a little practice a plain napkin can become the star of the table!

This rose is really an unironed hot pink napkin! Soooo easy to fold!

A fan folded napkin is so traditional and says... this is a fancy dinner! Here I used fan folded napkins for a formal Easter Dinner.

Pearls and an easy pleated napkin compliments the pretty lilacs for a Mother's Day luncheon on the porch!

Folding napkins into pretty forms can be very simple and have a stunning effect!


Just like I love love love to stack dishes...and I love napkins to be a part of the stack, too. This is such an easy way to make napkins work with your tablescape!

I chose 3 outdoor settings to highlight dish and napkin stacks. Easy-peasy!

Red napkins folded into squares are so simple and add a pop of holiday color to this stack of dishes!

These beautiful organic feeling napkins are folded and tucked between the dishes. I love the simple, yet refined look!

Here's the simplest way to make napkins a part of a tablescape! In this year's outdoor Thanksgiving table I tucked white napkins between two plates. They looks so clean! A very chic way to use these napkins! 


I don't have many napkin rings... but those I do have I use over and over again! I always get them on sale if they catch my eye and spark my imagination!

Aren't these feather napkin rings wild?  I must admit they are my favorite! So fun and so flashy!!!

If you don't have napkin rings or they are out of your budget... make your own!!!

I used a felt posy diy to create this book page flower napkin ring for a book club dinner. We talked more about them than the book!

I was given a set of silver napkin rings for a wedding gift... eons ago... and still use them. In this tablescape I wrapped a branch of flowering bridal veil around them for an extra special effect.


Now let's have some fun!!! 
I've discovered how easy it is to make my own designs on white napkins!
They are so fun for my guests!  These napkins are sure to start the whole table talking!

Here I printed questions on white napkins... boy did we have a chatty table!!!

I'm always on the look-out for good quality white napkins that are on sale! I have so many ideas for creating my own designs!

Aren't these Halloween napkins and napkin ring so cute!


And of course I have saved the most classic napkins for last. MONOGRAMS! It does not get any better.  
Monogrammed napkin  exude style! 

I just have one set of monogrammed napkins and I use them so often!

So why use paper napkins when there are so many wonderful ways to use the real deal?

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Happy Tablescaping!

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