Let's get busy and do a fun spring project!

This easy to make, no-sew BURLAP RUNNER may be great to use all year round... but it's pretty woven pattern and easy breezy burlap ribbon is perfect for spring!

This runner has a very "anthropologie-ish " look without the price! 

Here's how to make it...

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I love being a part of the no-sew girls! They are so so creative and encouraging! Make sure to check out all these creative no-sew spring home decor projects... You can find a link at the end of this post.

StoneGable Woven Burlap Runner... a no-sew project

2 packages of burlap ribbon  (2.5 inches wide)
hot glue gun 

1. Purchase 2 packages of burlap ribbon. About 2.5 inches wide and 10 yards long.

2. Measure out and cut 6 lengths plus 4 inches of the burlap ribbon. This will become the warp (see picture above).

My runner was 45 inches finished, so I measured out 6 lengths of ribbon 49 inches long.

3.Weave the ribbon on the roll (it is the weft). Begin weaving 2 inches in from one end of the warp.

Secure each weave with glue. Use a thin bead of glue.

4. Leave a 1 inch overlap at each weft end.

Weave the whole runner.

 It's now time to glue the sides and ends of the runner.

5. Fold the end pieces that hang OVER the warp to the back and glue securely.

6. Cut  the end pieces that are under the warp as close to it as possible and glue to the back of the runner.

When you are done, check all the edges make sure everything is securely glued down.

To get rid of any glue blobs and spiders, use a blow dryer on high and heat them until they melt away.


So easy! And it's NO-SEW!

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