I get lots and lots of emails asking me all kinds of questions.  Everything from how I like blogging to what size the rug in my dining room is...

I thought I would answer the most asked questions recently...

1. Where did you get your dining room chandy?

The dining room chandy came from Overstocks.com.
You can see a post about it by clicking HERE.

I just checked on Overstocks and don't see the large chandy in stock right now (you can also see how my dining room looked last year just after we had laid the hardwood floors). But if you need a smaller chandy, they have one in stock. Click HERE to see a smaller version of my dining room chandy! 

2. What color are your walls?

We have painted most of our main living areas downstairs Sonnet by Benjamin Moore. It is a wonderful color!!! Just perfect because it is light and airy with just a touch of warmth!

Our kitchen, family room, breakfast room, living room, dining room and stairs are painted Sonnet. We are now paining our foyer Sonnet too.

3. Did you paint the chest in your living room?

The short answer is no. 

I saw this chest last summer at a local furniture store and was obsessed with it! But the price tag... ouch! Way, way too much!

I decided that I would paint one like it myself. I bought a dresser from Craigslist (that is still sitting in my garage) and was planning to paint it. A friend just happened to visit and I was raving about this chest to her and she told me that it was on sale at Wayfair. What?

Sure enough, it was! Still a little more than I wanted to pay, but much much less than in the store.  I bit the bullet and ordered it. And am I glad I did! I have enjoyed the Curlacue chest so much! To see the chest at Wayfair, click HERE. ( I got it for a few hundred less than they are selling it for now)

The lesson from this experience is... when we really love something we may just have to buy it. Now that being said,  we must be able to feed the family and pay the bills, etc. But if we have some extra money put away for a rainy day... today might be that rainy day!

4. Where did you get the swan at StoneGable?

I bought the swan soup tureen that usually sits on my dining room table 20 years ago. StoneGable was being built and I found this beauty at a small shop in Alexandria Va called The Hospitality Shop. Unfortunately, it is no longer in business.

The swan was made in Italy and has a hand painted face and ladle.

I have only seen one other one like it on ebay.

5. What project are you doing now?

We are now finishing up our foyer. It was scheduled to be done around Thanksgiving, but due to lots of complications from my knee surgery, the project  got pushed back.

We have scraped the wall paper off inch by inch... what a job! And Bobby is almost finished painting.

I'm having a slipcover made for a settee and right now I'm working on repainting the buffet.

I am also finishing a guest bedroom that is now another guest room.

Bonus question...

How are you feeling?

This is the most asked question right now.Truthfully, I've avoided answering this for some time!

I have had a pretty rough go since my knee cap surgery last November. I've been back in the hospital with an infection, another surgery, icu, iv antibiotics, two drug reactions and lots of little things in between.

Because I am very anemic from everything I have been through I am pretty tired most of the time and that really bothers me!

I hope I am turning the corner. I'm so thankful for all of your prayers ( they have helped me so much) and well wishes.

I'm ready to feel fabulous and full of energy!

Remember, feel free to email any questions you have!


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