Oh my, how I love little the lion faced pansy! It is a sweet harbinger of spring! 

Pansies are very inexpensive and make fun and unexpected arrangements indoors.

This year I put pansies in tea cups!

Pansies are so welcomed after a long long winter. 

They are like a promise that Spring and warmer weather is on it's way! And just to seal the promise pansies splash vibrant colors and raise their tiny faces to greet all who look their way!

These little orange blooms are called "COPPER PENNY" and are my very favorite!

I planted them right from the nursery flat and into a tea cup... packing them in snugly.

A little spring-green moss covers up the dirt.   To keep them healthy and blooming give them a drink when they begin to get dry. 

Once they get leggy, pinch them back and plant them outside!  They will keep on blooming until the heat of summer. 

I let them die back and if I am very lucky they will reseed and come back early next spring!

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