Do you make pro/con lists? I do, at least in my head.  

A pro/con list can really help pinpoint and direct me to the right decision. I have a pretty strong emotional side that can happily and exuberantly lead me down one path without much thought!

This month we are making a few changes to the family room. New hardwood floors and a new chair.

I would love your input with the chair decision...

The whole chair thing started when we drug up a wing back recliner from the basement while I was recovering from knee surgery. The chair is hideous... what was I thinking 15 years ago...

Anyway... it sure is comfortable! I can put my feet up or lean far back and shut my eyes! But again, it is  the ugliest chair that is not sitting on a front porch somewhere with a big sloppy dog in it!  It's THAT ugly!

Bobby started gently suggesting that I might want to buy another recliner. He said it would be good for my knees and back. He reminded me that I really enjoy sitting in the eye-sore-of-a-recliner. Giving him a sideways glance, I said no! I will not have a recliner in my family room (even thought I was sitting quite comfortably in the butt-ugly chair)!

Then he started to leave the Lay-z-boy site up on my computer with note that had some recliner suggestions.

This week Bobby asked me if I would like to go on a little drive and have an early dinner with him. He did not tell me the little drive was to the Lay-z-boy store.  And so I unknowingly went along!

Once inside the Lay-z-boy store (after sitting in the car for awhile so the shock of deception wore off a little) I did find some wonderful recliners... that did not look like recliners at all!

And I did find "the one". It looks like a club chair, but it acts like a recliner!

It was not too big, or too small, or too hideous... but it was... just right!

Actually, I think it is a gorgeous, well made chair!

The SPINDALE HIGH LEG RECLINER will fit perfectly right...

And another look....

And one more look...

Now here's where you come in...

I have decided on a fabric... but not on the color.

Because this is going to be an investment piece, it will live with us for a long long time.

I would like your opinion... your honest opinion.

Here is choice 1...
(and yes, it's a recliner... who knew!)

On the pro list this fabric is...
* I love love love houndstooth
*works well with my kitchen and breakfast room that can be seen from the family room
* it's the only print in my family room
* it might bring life and pizzazz to my room (with the right accessories)
*black and white... sigh!
*very in style right now
* I can get black legs
* I can get new accessories!
*I ADORE it... for now!

On the con list...
* it is very bold
* I might get tired of it in a few years 
* it's the only print in the room
* do you think I'll get tired of it?
*it might overwhelm the rest of the room
*I can't take it back!!!!!!!

Here's choice 2

Pro list...
(it actually is a warmer tan than shown in this picture)
* I love love love houndstooth
* upscale take on a classic
*beautiful color
*goes with everything
* it's the only print in my family room
*I probably will never get tired of it
* I can add any color to my family room with this chair
*I really, really like it

Con list...
*I might regret not getting the black and white chair
*I can use this chair in almost any room in my house
*this is the safe choice... and that's not a bad thing. This may need to be both a pro and con.

I just can't make up my mind! 


I would love to hear what you think... PLEASE!


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