I'm sure in YOUR time you think this whole dining room total make over thing is taking forever... but in my time... well, it is too!

But I am so close to being totally done with the dining room... and finding and adding the soup tureen lids to the dining room wall is one of the finishing touches!

I'm so excited to show you...

I first saw soup tureen lids at Luckett's (click HERE to learn more) over a year ago and was smitten! I did not buy any then because I didn't have a clear vision for my dining room walls.

Once I knew that I would layer shutters and soup tureen lids on either side of the mirror, I started my hunt. I must have hunted for 6 months and only had 3 soup tureen lids to show for it. I even called Luckett's and they were all sold out!

Then on a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip to Luckett's a couple of week's ago  I found 6 soup tureen lids on sale! I scooped them right up! What a big score!

They are creamy white and have beautiful fine lines of crazing.

I love crazing especially on white dishes, don't you?

First came the mirror...

And it sorta looked a little lost on the wall...

Then the shutters were added...

And now the soup tureen lids finished the wall off...

They fill out the large space without being too loud and distracting.

This room is really a mix of high end pieces and very low brow ones! I love to mix the elegant and refined with the chippy and rustic.  It makes a formal room a lot less stuffy... and much more welcoming and livable!

It feels comfortable to me.

I want to thank all my wonderful, loyal, truthful, fabulous readers for giving me tons and tons and hundreds of fresh and creative ways to fill the chippy frames in the dining room.

I will spend the weekend working on that project and show you how you inspired me... stop back and see next week!

You are really the best!


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