Last year when I made my burlap wreath little did I know that I would get so much use out of it!

I've decorated it for 3 seasons now and it has been outside in the worst winter we have seen in decades... and it still looks like the first day I made it!

I thought it was time to dress it up for Spring...

This wreath is perfect for our second front door... one that opens to my office and our back stairs. It may be perfect but the door it's hanging on sure needs a little love and a new coat of paint! I'll just add it to the L-I-S-T that we (and when I say "we" you know I mean Bobby) must do later this spring.

I had everything on hand to make this wreath!

If you have not made a burlap wreath yet, you are really missing out! Even thought you may not be crafty... no excuse! This wreath is great for the craft impaired!

Here's how the wreath first looked when I made it...

Since then I added some more burlap ribbon loops with a looser weave. I think it makes it a little extra special!

To see this insanely easy BURLAP WREATH DIY click HERE.

Here's a little look at the tutorial... easy-peasy!

Now here's how I dressed up my burlap wreath for spring...

1 burlap wreath
wooden monogrammed letters (see my source for the 12 inch letters HERE)
faux flowering branches
hot glue

 Nothing is glued directly to the wreath. Everything can be taken off without ruining the integrity of the burlap.

1. Wire the monogram on the center of the wreath.

Wire a nest to the wreath at about 7:00.

2. Sick some pretty blooming sprigs deep into the wreath on the upper left side of the nest. They don't even need to be glued... if they are pushed in good and deep they will stay.

3. Push some shorter sprigs deep into the wreath on the lower right side of the nest.

Add more branches as needed to fill out the space.

Glue three eggs and a little moss to the nest.

So so easy and pretty, right?

I hope I have inspired all of you to give this easy to make and fun to decorate wreath a try!

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