As I'm writing this post it is snowing outside... really! It's been a long hard winter and for the most part a very chilly spring here at StoneGable.

I'm itching to dig in the dirt and start Spring planting!

The first thing I like to plant are hardy herbs. However, even for those herbs that can stand cool weather... it's still a bit too chilly! They will still get easily nipped by the cold!

So, instead of planting them out in my herb garden, I'm planting a small kitchen gardens in a fun bushel basket!

It's easy, economical and the plants can be used as needed right now...

And as they grow out of the basket.. and they will...the weather will be fair enough to plant them in the garden!

Here's all you need to make a Kitchen Herb Garden in a basket...

a small bushel basket
potting soil
greenhouse herbs

Arrange the herbs from tallest in the back and center to smallest in the front and on the sides.

I planted 2 different kitchen herb gardens...

The herbs all work together because they are different heights, textures and colors. And they smell WONDERFUL!!!

Here's an up close look at the herbs in this basket...

Can you imagine how great food will taste sprinkled with fresh, just picked herbs!

Here's the second basket...

and a close up of all the delicious herbs...

I'm thinking Easter too. 

I have 2 more baskets planted for my 2 girls to take home and put on their porches.

Wouldn't something like this be a fabulous gift to take to someone if you are lucky enough to be a guest at an Easter dinner this year?

Or how about giving this with a piece of chocolate instead of an Easter basket?

This would also be the most wonderful birthday gift!!!

Make sure to snip the herbs and use them liberally. They grow like weeds!

Keep them in a sunny spot during the day and water when the soil is getting dry.

If it is chilly, bring the basket in at night.

As some of the plants begin to take over the basket replant them in a pot of their own or in the ground.

One or two of the smaller plants an be left in the basket all summer... how sweet!

Isn't this a fun way to do Spring planting?

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