Several years ago, before I knew what an olive basket was, I found one at a local Antique Market. I really liked it very very much! It was unusual and pleasing all at the same time.

Unfortunately, I passed it up because it was $35.00. UGH! If I only knew what a great buy the basket was and how popular they would be right now I would have scooped it up and danced joyfully out of the shop!

Since then, I see great vintage olive baskets used in decor everywhere! And the more popular they are getting the more expensive they are to buy!

So I jumped on the olive basket lovin' bandwagon and bought one at Walmart...

 Yes, Walmart...

I first saw one of these great knock-offs at CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT. Thanks, Debbie!

So, I started to look for an olive basket at my local Walmart... for months!!! And did not find one!

Then  I searched on line and sure enough... I found it!

It's called BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN ROUND BIN, SILVER... but it is an olive basket to me... and it only costs $9.88!

It is very sturdy and well made. Perfect to pop a fern in...

The only drawback is the olive basket is a little too new and shiny looking!

Not a problem. If the weather permits I'll age it this weekend and show you how next week. It's pretty easy!

I thought the olive bucket was such a good deal I got 2!

One for the family room and one for outdoor planting!

So if you like the look of an olive basket, but not the price... the WALMART VERSION might be perfect for you too!

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