Decorating my kitchen seems to always start with a vignette on my kitchen table. It sets the mood for the rest of the farmhouse kitchen.

This spring I am so inspired by all shades of orange! From creamsicle to burnt orange, I am loving tangy pops of color in my white kitchen!

I hope you get inspired too!

As usual, I started with my very favorite hefty round basket. I'd love to find another one... so I can paint it white. I have so many ideas for a white basket!

The inspiration for using orange are these adorable carrot plates that I have had for decades! Can you see them... the bunny is standing on them!

I nestled a stack of white bowl in the middle of the vignette filled with wild natural straw and 3 real blown-out eggs.

These beautiful soft colored eggs come from my friend's chickens! I adore free range eggs! Their yolks are deep orange and they whip up so glossy and thick!

Aren't these bright orange forks, knives and spoons so much fun! We just pick them out of the creamer and use them at dinnertime!

Did you notice the orange cloth in the bottom of the basket. I buy 1/4 yard of any fabric that catches my eye. No ironing, no sewing the edges ... I just fold them under and use them for all sorts of things in the kitchen!

I guess I should have know that I am in my "orange" stage when I picked up 6 different orange fabrics at the fabric store a few weeks back!

I added these cute orange and white straws just for fun. Truth be told I love using a straw... but I know that drinking from one over a long period of time will give you lip wrinkles.  So, these cuties are tempting me to pull one out and put it in my iced tea but I 'm resisting... so far!

This year I'm planting pansies in tea cups. They look so adorable! And my favorite pansy color this year is called Copper Penny!  They add another layer of orange to my vignette!

Click HERE  to see how I planted the pansies.

I was looking for orange parrot tulips for this vignette, but after 2 grocer's and 3 flower shops I decided that they are not yet in our area.

So, I settled for white and a pink/yellow. I think pink and yellow mixed together make a pretty orange... don't they?... well, sorta?.... Okay, let's just use our imaginations!

The tall topiary gives this whole vignette some height. I made so many of these topiaries... they are sooooo easy to put together. Click HERE for a topiary diy!

I sure hope you have been inspired to pick a color that is your favorite for the season and start to create!!!!

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