I love books... and I have an obsession with magazines. I can get lost for hours reading and being inspired!

But books and magazines can be a huge source of disorganization and can look so untidy... and get so out of control!

I'm all about organization and finding smart and easy ways to keep my home neat and clutter free!

Here's a couple of easy ways I'm solving the book clutter problem at StoneGable...

My favorite way to contain book clutter is to corral it in baskets... and I especially like books in baskets arranged in bookshelves.

They just look so neat!!!!!

I recently purchased 10 baskets from Pottery Barn Outlet and made number tags for them.

To see these easy to make LARGE NUMBER TAGS click HERE.

I filled each basket with books... the largest books in the back and the smaller ones in the front.

The tops of the books stick out of the baskets and that's okay. The baskets are meant to organize the books but not hide them!

I put books that I want to keep but don't reference often in the higher shelves of my bookcase...

And books I use often... like decorating books... on lower shelves...

When it comes to magazines... I have a big, BIG problem! I love love love them. I collect them. People give magazines to me! I pour over them! I keep them forever and ever!

So, I sorted through my magazines (those that are not torn apart and filed) and put them in fun and sassy magazine holders in the bookshelf!

This is a work in progress! I have a huge stack of mags to go through....

My mantra is  "BE RUTHLESS".

 Oh, this is so hard when it comes to my beloved 1999 Southern Living mags! 


Can you feel my pain?

I also like to organize books in neat stacks and decorate with them.

Here's what's on my family room coffee table right now...

I use a big rectangle basket to keep a stack of decorating books at hand  and make a pretty and easy vignette!

This by no means is all of my books or magazines!!!! But, I am tackling my book clutter... one best seller at a time!!!

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