Easter tables don't have to be pastel or frilly... or cutsie! Even if a table does have Easter eggs and bunnies on it, it can take on a somewhat sophisticated yet relaxed look.

This year's Easter brunch table is all about keeping things informal, adding Easter elements and still looking  grown up!

I used a complimentary color mix of navy and burnt orange... very different for Easter!  And of course,  lots of white to keep the table looking crisp and fresh.

Can an Easter table be achieved by using non-traditional colors... just wait and see...

Since I am using an unusual color scheme I'm counting on all the bunny and eggs on the table to lift it to EASTER BRUNCH STATUS!

Each place setting is built on these great rattan placemats. They are used hard and have kept their shape so well!

The dishes at each place are alternated... 

Four place settings have a large navy and white dish, and a  burnt orange square dish sandwiched in the middle with a white leaf and berry dish on top.

And four other place settings have a large white dish with a polka dot rim, a burnt orange square dish sandwiched in the middle and a navy and white dish on the top.

This is a great tip if you don't have enough dishes... alternate! I also think it makes such an interesting table!

And look at this darling little bunny napkin! A touch of whimsy and so so fun to make!

Stop back tomorrow for an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make them.

I think he's just adorable... and this grown up Easter table still can use a little "adorable"!

The Easter bunny napkin has a real button nose and twine whiskers... and big fluffy ears!

I also alternated the glasses!  Just because!

Coffee will be served at an Easter Coffee Bar in the kitchen and Mimosa's will be served in the living room!
Everyone can bring their beverage of choice to the table.

The whole idea for this table started with these bunny egg holders! Every year I dye some of our eggs with onion skins. But this year I dyed all of them that way. It is a family tradition that goes back generations.

 Like the table this year, they are so unusual! And they are beautiful too!

I thought these little rabbits would be just the thing to display these special eggs!

To see a very easy ONION SKIN DYED EGG DIY click HERE.

A little Easter straw was added to pad each egg and to add a little "fluff".

Besides the bunny Easter egg holders there are white bunny salt and pepper shakers, white bunny creamer and sugar bowl and a handsome bunny soup tureen.

At our Easter Brunch the tureen will hold Pineapple Casserole... another family favorite!

The center of the table is a profusion of orange hues!

I chose orange parrot tulips to play off the the color of the onion skin dyed eggs.

The table is set and ready for Easter Brunch after church!

May you all have a very happy and blessed Easter!

Placemats: Pier 1
Navy and White Plates: HomeGoods
Orange Plates: Pier 1
White Plates: HomeGoods
Bunny Egg Holders: Pottery Barn
Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers: Pottery Barn
Bunny Creamer and Sugar Bowl: Pottery Barn
Cobalt Glasses: Pier 1
White Bubble Glasses: Reading China And Glass
Pitcher: HomeGoods
White Napkins: HomeGoods
White Flatware: HomeGoods

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