It took awhile, but I finally filled the chippy frames in the dining room.

I literally had hundreds of great suggestions and I thank everyone so very much for all your creative ideas.

I settled on making something for the frames myself. This was one of the most fun projects I have done in a long time!

Here is what the frames looked like before I filled them...

And here is how they look now...

These beautiful, well made frames came from OLD LUCKETT'S STORE. A wonderful place to buy all things interesting and chippy!

Can you guess what I did to fill them?

Here are the supplies I used to make the canvas squares...

I chose to design a pattern that would work for spring and summer.

This project was just so easy and inexpensive to do that I can make other art squares for different seasons.

The blue bring some much needed soft color to the dining room and picks up the same color in the carpet.

The brown, sepia ,white and ivory  work well with the frame.

I wrapped the image around the sides of the canvas... it's the little details that make a picture look "finished".

I wish you could see the detail in real life. The crinkles and bumps give it a hand painted look.

Really, very deceiving!

Here's how they look in my dining room with the morning light streaming in the windows...

Next week I'll share how you can make these easy art squares too!

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