This is one of those rare projects that I could do over and over and over again! It's easy and artistic and fun, fun, FUN! Even if you are not "crafty" this would be one for you to try.

I bet I could even wallpaper a wall with torn napkins! Just kidding... I'm done with wallpaper for a decade or so. I have wasted months of my life scraping wallpaper OFF walls!

Do you have a napkin addiction like I do? I cannot go past pretty paper napkins without getting them. I got this problem from my mother!  So instead of napkins in my drawer they are hanging on my wall!

Now, let's get going with this easy peasy diy...

Here's what you will need...

a canvas or two... or 10  ( mine was 12 x 12" to fit in the chippy frames)
Mod Podge
decorative cocktail napkins

I made both Art Tiles for less than $6.00! 

1. Separate the ply of the napkin. You only want to use the top layer that has the design on it.

2. Tear the napkin. I tore some of  the blue area and some flowers. I used several napkins to make each tile. You don't have to use all of the napkin, only the parts you want.

3. Using a foam brush, apply a very thin layer of Mod Podge. Don't go overboard! Very very thin!

Lay down the napkin and press gently on to the cavas. Brush another very thin layer of Mod Podge over the napkin layer. If it tears a little don't worry just try to stick it back together.

4. Continue tearing and pasting.

5. I used the flowers in the napkins to make a pattern of a profusion of blooms.

6. Don't forget to wrap the pattern around the edges of the art tile.

Once the Art Tile is dry it is ready to hang!

So easy!!!!

I can think of so many ways to use these Art tiles... how about you?

Let's share ideas!

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