Autumn is the time for falling leaves and cozy sweaters... made into pumpkins! 

I may not have the fairy godmother touch, turning pumpkins into whimsical carriages... but I can turn a sweater into a pumpkin with a wave of my magic scissors and a few other crafty thing...

Here is how you can work magic on an old sweater too...

I was surprised how EASY and fun this project was...

I have seen these charming wooly pumpkins on many blog and pinterest... and was captivated by them!

Here is my spin on ...

*old sweaters 
string or rubber bands
wired paper twine
hot glue

*I found neutral colored sweaters at Goodwill ... took them home and washed and air dried them.

Cut the sleeves off of the sweaters. I tried to judge how long I wanted my pumpkin to be, added 3 inches and cut the sleeves accordingly.

Turn the sleeve inside out and tie the cut edge together.

Turn the sleeve right side out and stuff with fiberfill , leaving about 2 inches at the top. Tie off top with string.

Wind the wired paper twine tightly around the base of the pumpkin, continuing upward to make the stem.

When you feel you have the right size stem, clip the wired paper twine. 

 Cut off any excess cuff that is above the twine. I really like the look of a fuzzy, chenille-type top!

Cut a 10 inch length of wired paper twine and wrap the center of the twine around the base of the pumpkin one time.

Wrap the twine around the pencil to make curly tendrils. 

Cut out a free form leaf from felt ( I washed and dried my felt first to give it texture) and hot glue to the pumpkin.

Make several and display!

My niece Kelley calls me her "Fairy Godmother"  so...


I'm tucking a trio of pumpkins into her college care package!

Don't forget to join me toningt for ...


Come share and show off your creativity!!!

Link goes live at 8:00 pm.... hope to see you then!