Seasonal elements are such an important part of decor here at StoneGable. And my go-to Spring details are nests.
I love them all the more this year!

Making these nest inspired pictures was so much fun and so very easy...

They will become part of my Spring mantle (look for upcoming post) and will eventually end up in a guest bedroom I am in the process of redecorating.

I made 2 different pictures that will be used as part of a grouping.

Each picture is a little different but with the same great seasonal elements!

This is a project so easy that a novice crafter will have great success!


1. Use frames with mats.  I found frames 50% off at a local craft store... and they had great mats! I chose one long and one square.

2. Using my computer's imaging program I typed french words about birds ( in Edwardian Script in sepia. I then made 2 copies to fit the 4x6 opening in the mats. 

3. Using the french sepia writing, I superimposed the word "Nest" over the french wording and made 1 copy. 

4. I  cut the wording out leaving a generous border... aliened them with the mats and used double stick tape to hold them in place taped them to the back of the mat. 

5. I put the mat back in the picture frame and put on the back of the frame.  Discard the glass.

6.  I hot glued some feathers and a couple of eggs in the nest. I like a wild and twiggy looking nest, so I pulled pieces out of the nest here and there to give it a loose look.  I hot glued a nest to the center of the center picture.

7. I chose 3 eggs of different sizes and glued them to the bottom picture. I glued the largest egg to the center of the picture first. Then glued an egg to either side of the middle egg, trying to space them evenly.

I used the same process for the square frame but I used burlap as the background.


Pretty Spring nest pictures!