Once upon a time there was an old discarded book. Ignored... sad... tattered... tired!

And  POOF... the fairy craft mother turned it into the belle of the tablescape... it became an upscale...sassy...fun...unique napkin ring!

I had such a blast making these paper flowers and you too can be a fairy craft mother... here's how...
StoneGable Book-Page Posy Napkin Rings
1 old book
1 piece green cardstock (optional)
1 piece black cardstock (optional)
hot glue gun

1. Rip pages out of an old book. 
2. Using a small bowl make a circle for the base of the posy. The size of the circle will be the size of your flower. 


3. Make a petal template using one of the circles. Five or six loops work well for a good shape. Cut out 9 petal for each flower. I stacked the pages on top of each other and was able to cut out 5 at a time.


4-5. Fold the petal in half. This is not rocket science, it does not have to be perfect!

6. Fold the petal in half again. 


7-8. Glue petals on to the paper round with the points meeting in the center. Do this for 4 petals.

9. Glue the flap of the petal down to itself.  Do this for 4 petals.

10.  Fold 4 more petals and glue them with their petals facing the center at a 45 degree angle to the bottom petals. Glue their flaps down on itself.

11-12. Fluff all the petals. Get your fingers down in the petals and "open" them up.

13. Take the last petal and fold it in half. Roll it around a pencil and shape it into a cone.  Glue in the center of the flower.

14. Curl up some of the petals with a pencil.

15. I added a little bit of fringe to the center of the posy and glued in a few extra green and black petals.

I also made a couple of leaves and glued them to the back of the posy circle.

16. For the ring... Cut out a strip of card stock and form it into a loop. Glue the loop together.  Glue the posy to the loop.

Image to be posted soon... I am backing up my files as I am posting this and using the USB port!

I spent just over an hour and  made 10 napkin rings! They are adorable and were the hit of the book club table. To see Book Club Table click HERE.

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