One of the great benefits of having a mantle is decorating it seasonally.
Because it is a focal point it can set the decorative tone for a whole room. 

 I so enjoy bringing a little seasonal panache to my family room...

 This Spring nests have caught my fancy and I am putting them here and there all over StoneGable! So my mantle is the perfect spot to pay homage to sweet Spring nests!

Large glass bottles hold faux spring blooms. Recently, I have returned to faux flowers. However, I am very discriminating... they must be great fakes! They are more of an investment, but a worthwile one!

These realistic blooms come from The Old Millhouse Shoppe in Lancater Pa.

Two pictures I made this Spring lean against the large gilded mirror. Click HERE to see this easy DYI project.

When the Spring mantle decor comes down these pictures will be used in a guest bedroom.

It was important to keep a touch of blue and white transferware in the mantle decor as it is a repeated element in the family room.

I wanted to keep the look more traditional and sophicated and not too cutesy.

This large egg cup was purchased at an antique shop in Havre de Grace, MD and now becomes part of the mantle vignette. Filled with excelsior, it makes a cozy nest for a large goose egg.

A little blue and white bowl sports a willow ball and a couple of gaunty feathers.

The mantle is the focal point of my family room. Keeping the mantle decor closely tied to the rest of the room allows it to all  play nicely together .

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