There are just some things you do not do in the blogging world....


is one!


Today I found this image...

from MY post CHERRY BLOSSON WREATH on a floral designers web-site. 

Not only was my photograph posted but there was a description of it and a sale price that was a pretty penny!


I am so very happy to share my copyrighted work with almost anyone who asked permission. All I ask is that I am given credit and a link back for my hard work.  It pleases me to inspire others and have them make their own version of my work! That is one of the great blessings of blogging! I love to share and inspire others! 

What is NOT okay is to take original work and original photography and pass it off as one's own work.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have found my original photography on another's web site being passed off as their own~ without permission, without credit and without any link back to my original work. I have even found my work on sites with my watermark cut off! This is the second time a designer has used my work... that I know of!

Some of you may say. "Okay, this is just a part of blogging"! Well, sadly it may be... but it is the side that lacks integrity! And we should not sit quietly by when this happens! 

Just a word about most bloggers...

Most bloggers that I have crossed paths with are the kindest, most supportive, generous and friendly folks I have ever met! Most bloggers put a tremendous amount of work, money and time into each post! And most bloggers are so respectful and appreciate that. If you are a blogger and know me... I am talking about you!!!!  As a community, we are thrilled and delight with joy for one another's successes and share the burden and often times pray for one another's sorrows! We show great care for all! It is just too bad that there are just a few that don't have that same regard!

This offender will not be named. I will protect her identity. That is more than she did for me!
I have contacted the offending person and asked her to remove my image immediately and as of yet MY photograph with MY watermark is still on her blog and she is selling MY work, passed off as her's.

I am asking you, and you know who who you are... take down my photographs NOW! Shame on you!


I hope this serves as a reminder to all of us. It is always better to use our own original work. If using other's work please ask permission, credit the source and give a link back UNDER THE IMAGE where it is easily visible! Let's all play nicely together!

A word about Pinterest because I am sure this will come up.... I am still trying to sort it all out, as many other bloggers are. I know there are all kinds of issues... it is such untested water and I still don't understand all of it! But Pinterest is totally different. As long as I have the "pin it" sign up on my post... and when pinning a photograph of mine the link on Pinterest goes back to my original post... I say pin away! For now, anyway! However, let's keep the focus for this post on the topic at hand. Thank you.