I have not seen my first Robin yet. But I am looking with a watchful eye. I have heard it on good report that they have returned home to the mid-Atlantic area from their long winter vacation. Welcome home little yellow-sock fellow!

 Robins are the most welcomed harbingers of spring... a true sign that warmer weather is just around the corner!

Each year Mrs. Robin decorates my front door wreath by building a nest in it. We watch as her blue eggs are laid and hatched and little chirpy, bug eyed babies appear. We watch those hungry babies grow as their mother feeds their little open birdie mouths. We watch as they develop feathers and then one day... off they go...winging into the world... on their own.  And then my husband repaints the front door. It is a wonderful spring ritual!

Mrs. Robin is not the only one who decorates with nests. You will find nests tucked here and there around StoneGable... harbingers of warmth and welcome!

Here are some nest to inspire you...

Place nests on a stack of pretty tea cups in a cupboard or on a table.

Use a little "fluff" and make a nest in an unexpected container. Here I used a silver creamer to hold this handcrafted nest.

Spring and nest... a natural combination!
Embellish a plain nest with floral stems and moss. Nestle small eggs down into the moss.
This nest finds a home in my guest room each spring.

Pussy Willow branches and little feathers embellish this lovely nest.

Use unexpected elements instead of eggs. Here willow balls give this nest a very organic feel.

A simple willow wreath acts as a nest and holds a pretty pansy in an egg.

Rest a little nest on a mossy bed under a tall cloche. 

And these little eggs make me swoon! Easy to recreate (look for an upcoming SG post). Who needs a nest when you have an eggcup?

Little nests become placecards on a spring inspired table. These nest can then be lined up on a window sill or table holding pictures, recipes or tags.

Spring loveliness in a nest!

Nests, all dressed up for Spring, are beautiful and creative ways to welcome the season into your home!

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