A beautiful front door wreath welcomes friends and guest to your home before you even open the door!
And if you make it yourself it conveys your personal touch... your style...your warmth, as no two wreaths are exactly alike.

Bright and brambly, this spring wreath looks like a designer wreath... without the designer price tag! And it is an easy DIY project... here's how to make one for your own front door...

There are many forsythia wreaths out in all the craft stores that can go from the bag they are put in at the check-out counter to the front door... BUT they are not very pretty, full or inviting! 

Make your own one-of-a-kind wreath... it is easy and such a stunning spring welcome to hang on your front door!

StoneGable Forsythia Wreath
2 grapevine wreaths
small nest
3 small eggs
forsythia branches
white flower picks
sticks, twigs, brambles
florist wire
hot glue gun
decorative ribbon
dust buster (my best friend when doing messy DIY projects)
blow dryer

To make a wreath that has a full, lush, designer look start by tying 2 grapevine wreaths together with with florist wire. I secure it in 3 or 4 places.

I found a wreath with a mossy look, Great detail, as I am not filling in the whole wreath.

Just putting 2 wreaths together will add so much depth and heft to your wreath.

Forsythia is a naturally untamed, twiggy bush.  Its beauty lies in its wild nature. We will want a wreath that echos that same look.

Decide where the top of your wreath will be. We will call that 12 o'clock.  At about 4 o'clock on your wreath begin building a base of forsythia branches and white flowers. You will add more forsythia later. I had rather large forsythia branches I cut apart to make smaller stems that would be just the rights size for the wreath. Use hot glue liberally, you want the stems to stay.

Add sticks and twigs and brambles going up the right side of the wreath.

Add eggs to your nest and secure the nest to the wreath.

Add forsythia branches under and on the left side of the nest. Add white pick flowers. Fill in more forsythia etc. on both sides of the nest.

Keep picking up you wreath and hold it at eye level to see where you need to fill in with more floras and brambles to give your design depth. Remember, people will see the wreath hanging up... a totally different perspective than a wreath lying on a work surface.

We are now going to fill in the wreath from 9 o'clock to about 1 o'clock.

Begin filling in the area with forsythia.  Begin about  9 o'clock and work clockwise around the wreath. Stop adding branches at about 11 o'clock and let the wispy ends of the forsythia branches bend over to 1 o'clock, following the lines of the wreath.

Fill in the side of the wreath as well. Let some of the stems stand out from the wreath giving it a loose natural look. This is very important as it gives life and movement to your wreath.

Add white pick flowers here and there.  

You may want to add extra sticks, twigs and brambles to give your wreath more natural feel.

When you are happy with your wreath. Give it a good shake. If anything is loose secure it with lots of hot glue.

Use a blow dryer set on the hottest setting to melt away any hot glue spiders. This works like a charm!


What a friendly welcome! 

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